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Praise for Land's End


A 2020 Writer's Digest Book Award Honorable Mention

"The craft jumps off the page...elegiac with no hint of melancholy. Both philosophical and gritty, [Land's End] is reminiscent of the works of Pat Conroy in its treatment of the complex relationships between fathers and sons." - Writer's Digest


Writer's Digest
Book Awards

"[A] beautiful story of a young boy who understands his father is far from a Father Knows Best character, yet loves him anyway...A wonderful page-turner...nail-biting...hard to put down...compassionate [and] evocative...You can't help but become invested in Jerry and Faye's predicament." - Writer's Digest 2021 E-Book Awards


"Jerry and Faye Digby are kidnapped after school one day by their estranged father, who is hellbent on honoring the final wishes of his best friend Ken by depositing [his remains] in the sea at Land's End. Told from an adult Jerry's perspective, the story follows the three as they cross the country in an old ice cream truck--along the way, Jerry grapples with his complicated relationship with his father: his insecurities; his memories; homesickness; and ultimately, the will to survive.

     "Conway's prose is fluid and beautiful--at times effortlessly poetic, yet also stark, especially as things begin to unravel for Jerry, Faye, and Dennis. The language is layered and complex...which add to nuance to both plot and character. Conway sets the mood early by giving readers pop culture references that place us neatly in the year 1978, and wastes no time in vividly connecting us to the main characters. And that is what truly elevates this book and makes it singular: the characters are real, sympathetic, and their story matters -- to Jerry, and to the reader.

      "The characters are beautifully written and Jerry's interior monologues are, at times, both heartbreaking and nostalgic. Even the deceased Ken becomes a fully developed character as Jerry's memories bring him into focus, almost like he is an uneasy ghost accompanying them on their journey, watching through the fake eye around Dennis' neck." - Booklife by Publisher's Weekly


"Looking up to our fathers. Looking out for our sisters. Being fearful for the people we find ourselves taking care of. Being terrified of the people who are supposed to take care of us. This book reminded me of the everyday magic of childhood while leaving me wondering how anyone ever survives to adulthood." - Amazon Review


"A real star...[Sean Conway's] work is ambitious and accomplished, filled with wit, wisdom, and compassion...He has an unerring eye for the details of everyday life...[and] ranks within a modest handful." - Jill McCorkle, author of Hieroglyphics and Life After Life

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